• Oh my, Sonos now supports AirPlay 2 so I can now stream my podcasts to my speakers 😁😱

  • Those new MacBooks look tempting performance-wise. I got a 13” with touchbar when they came out but got the base model, and it’s a bit painful to code on it.

  • Uuni Pro redeemed itself tonight with 5 great pizzas 🙂

  • In its defence, it was a quite windy though so maybe that played a part. It’s fun to burn real wood though!

  • Another pizza night with the Uuni Pro and I’m not sold on it. The stone gets super hot but the rest doesn’t cook properly. I found myself lifting up the pizza on the platter a lot to keep it close to the fire and away from the stone for burning the bottom.

  • First of two pizza evenings done. Can’t pass judgement yet on the Uuni; I need to use it more to learn it. It gets really hot! Obligatory pics:

  • Dough has been made for tomorrow’s pizza night so I thought I’d share some pics. In chronological order; water, yeast and adding flour, halfway, 5 min later and after taking it out of the bowl

  • I hear tickets are almost gone for the Dutch Digital Day 2018. It was a super inspiring day last year and I plan to go again this year. Hope to see you there? bit.ly/2tnCOE0

  • I had a lot of fun at Layers conf talking about upcoming Sketch features. I’m thinking I might want to repeat the same thing with a quick Sketch meetup in the Hague some time soon. Find another speaker or two, drinks and a fun evening socialising. Interested?

  • I received an Uuni Pro pizza oven for Christmas and I’m so excited to finally set fire to it next week! I’m planning to document the dough-making and pizza baking experience here and share how this beast of an oven behaves

  • I finally got around to deleting my Tumblr website and changing the pieteromvlee.net redirect to point to Micro.blog instead.

    I did not want to inflict that ridiculous privacy/ad-tracking dialog to those few people who were curious enough to visit my (sadly neglected) blog.

  • Working on my ‘slides’ for Layers and trying to do them in Sketch. I’m planning to talk about a new feature, the process behind it, the balance between your own product vision and customer requests and how to keep a product simple. Sound interesting?

  • That Tumblr GDPR ‘partner’ mess made me realise I need to move my blog away from this madness. Think I’m going to give micro.blog a try instead… So, hello!

  • I’ve had a blog for ages but never been a prolific writer. Many attempts at reboots over the years failed.

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